Plisados by Felipe Ortega-Regalado

Plisados by Felipe Ortega-Regalado


Bowtie + Placket + Wrap Cufflinks

We construct your tailored bowtie. Choose the colour, width and inspiration pattern and let our designers help you. You will wear a unique design that brings together a classic accessory with a daring handmade embroidery. The price include the construction of matching placket and wrap cufflinks.

Every tailored bowtie requires a previous design and a painstaking handmade embroidery and stitching. Please, be aware that this tasks require long hours of careful work to ensure the highest quality in every product; the construction and delivery may take between 6 and 8 weeks, from the date of purchase, until you receive your custom order.

All our accessories are carefully wrapped on a box with a very special design and include its authenticity certificate.


DUBULOJ accessories, with the exception of custom order unique, tailored units, are in limited editions of 50 numbered units with authenticity certificate.

Tapeta® (Plackets) and Ciñegemelos® (Wrap Cufflinks) are accessories originally designed by DUBULOJ. They can only be acquired together with one of our bow ties since they are not sold alone.

All our accessories are constructed and embroidered by hand. They demand long production periods to ensure the highest quality. In the case that our stocks are sold out, we will fulfil any order before 30 days. As our products are embroidered by hand, they may have slight differences with the units shown in the catalogue.

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