4 March, 2016

Dubuloj is a Spanish brand of unique accessories for men, created by Miguel Soler.
The idea of ​​these products is born by the creative spirit of Miguel: “I tried to create an exclusive accessory for a family wedding, wearing something special and different. So I decided to use an old shawl to obtain a tie that has been very successful. Here began this wonderful adventure, which is already a reality. ”

Dubuloj It combines three principles:

– The contemporary art creations

– The traditional hand embroidery, typical of Spanish folklore

– A focus on the details.

Luxury accessories, hand-embroidered for sophisticated men who have the courage to dare with the beauty, masculinity, personality and quality. Dubuloj tries to express a bold but classic style, a style as a phoenix reborn from tradition.

But this particular name? First, have a unique name, without references on Internet, very difficult task, but not impossible for Miguel. The use of the vowels “O” and “U” in the name, they do perceive the masculinity of a product with a typically feminine characteristics: embroidery.

The name of this dynamic and artisan brand, is a transcript in Esperanto (which is a universal and utopian language) of the Spanish phrase “Con Dos cojones”, (easily translatable and understandable in Italian) that, beyond its intrinsic meaning, suggests the integrity, strength, boldness and courage, characteristics that express the mission of this artistic company.

The delicate yet strong embroidery on each piece of the collections are created exclusively in Andalusia by embroiderers masters of Aljarafe the region, in the Seville province, in Spain. For the creation of these exquisite accessories are used only the highest quality fabrics imported from Italy, France, UK and Japan. In addition, for greater guarantee of quality, all collections are limited edition, the pieces are numbered and with certificates of authenticity.

For the most demanding connoisseurs, Miguel also offers the ability to have a real bespoke service given by the possibility of realizing the pieces even more original and unique idea and on customer’s design.


How to think positive, in every day life, brings positive things, in DUBULOJ art recalls art.
Miguel Soler create Dubuloj as a result of the personal need to express himself creatively after a long experience of social commitment, the search for new concepts, sophisticated materials and reflect what nowadays seems to be the fundamental concept: aesthetics .

Thanks to a close link between the tradition of embroidery with contemporary art and the collaboration of artists from various fields, Dubuloj is also looking for new ideas, artistic expressions and innovative materials, a brand that wants to become an art project aims to enact a new concept of masculinity, a concept that originates from manual skills of the past, proposed and adapted to the modern world.

In the words of the genius of Leonardo da Vinci “The details make the perfection and perfection is not a detail“; Dubuloj puts a special attention to detail, a feature through which each person expresses their own style, the accessory … like a bow tie, cuff links or a simple embroidered fabric tape, become the distinctive signs to an edge most to their personality.
The material that is used for the packaging of these works of art is a fabric called “Mikado“, It is a natural 100% silk fabric with thick and stiff consistency suitable to the structure definition of these accessories.


As the name suggests … accessories Dubuloj are accessories for a man “With Dos Cojones”. (A man with balls)

CREDITS: Dubuloj

special thanks: Miguel Soler

Your products and your company philosophy have bewitched me.